AZ Brows provides top notch permanent makeup, tattoo removal, and post-mastectomy design services in Scottsdale, AZ. My passion, experience, and artistic talent are unmatched.

Eyebrows are considered as the most important feature of your face. Wake up with ready brows because you do not have to spend 20 minutes filling them in the morning. AZ Brows tattoo eyebrows are painless, low-maintenance and you can simply come back for a brief touch-up once a year. They are natural-looking and the smudge-proof and water-proof solution to making your everyday life easier!


Just a couple of services I offer in Scottsdale, AZ

Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is a manual method to create natural looking hair strokes. Small amounts of pigments are deposited in the superficial layer of the skin.

Permanent Lip Liner

Permanent lip liner and color can improve the appearance of lips for women and men. It helps lips appear more defined without surgery or fillers and restores color to lips that are too pale.

Tattoo Reconstruction

Tattoo Vanish® method causes less scarring. I can also use this method to remove or lighten permanent makeup in areas where lasers cannot be used.

Post Mastectomy Design

Permanent areola repigmentation and nipple restoration techniques employs cosmetically tattooed micropigmentation as a way to restore the natural beauty of your breasts.


Stefani Probst

Certified Microblading Specialist

Scottsdale, AZ

I am currently focusing on microblading eyebrows but will add more services to my business. These will include: permanent lip liner, permanent eyeliner, tattoo reconstruction and/or removal, post-mastectomy permanent mammilla (areola) design, and general mammilla alterations for a parallel, improved look.

  • After she was done mapping, we discussed any changes to shape/length/arch that would better suit my taste.

    Isabelle Client
  • I wake up every morning with one less thing to do. You've saved my brows no doubt about it!

    Michelle Client

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